Tuesday, 16 August 2016

E-Commerce website development in Noida | E-Commerce website development in Delhi

Ecommerce is a common thing nowadays and you can find thousands of ecommerce website designing companies in Delhi. The question is how you will find the best suitable provider for your ecommerce website. This article is specifically written to help you come out with a clear and sound confidence in making your decision.

Ecommerce can be considered just as electronic commerce which is available there for many industry verticals where customers are paying the fee online using payment gateway. We however in this article are focusing on shopping cart driven websites focusing on selling products and services. Product can be anything (physical or digital) and services can also be considered likewise. In this article we are covering all those websites which are selling either physical or digital products and services from multi variety providers for multiple service industry like doctor's consultancy, taxation consultancy, hotel and tourism industry selling tour packages etc.

Again it can be a website with products from only one brand or seller and there can be a multi seller websites as well. However the concept is the same i.e. selling physical or digital goods and various services. Let us concentrate on your business and industry you are in. When we say business and industry we basically mean whether you are a stand along seller, service provider or you want a website with multiple sellers listed selling their individual products which we also call marketplace websites. The Ecommerce Website Development Company who have provided you with their proposal - How good their understanding is on your website scope of work. Having said scope of work, we basically mean the various features and functionality. So your work is to confirm with them about their understanding and ask them to provide you the scope document so that you know what all features they will develop in what cost.

Once you receive the scope of work, study it properly and confirm if it covers or misses points which you are looking for. If it covers all you can confirm the scope document. However please also note that some companies will provide you more options and features than your need so you can ask them to either remove the unwanted features to get a reduced cost or you can ask them for additional cost for those unwanted features so that you can in future ask them if you want to have those features.

Once you finalize the project scope of work, ask them for a proper efforts estimation so that you can have complete transparency on which feature needs how much efforts and then you can also decide again to either revise the scope if it is not meeting your budget OR you can opt for features which you think you can pay for and have more featured website. Ask the company about the platform they will use. If you have some platform specification you can tell them or let them come up with their suggestions as they are experts in their fields.

You can come across individual freelancers who can be a pretty cost saving approach. However big risks are attached here with your plan to save as you do not know what capability the individual has where with companies you can be more aware of and confident about their project handling processes. If you decide to go with an individual freelancer, be sure of the following.

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