Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Key to A Good Mobile Responsive Website Designing And Mobile Friendly Websites

Google always takes a lot of initiatives benefiting its user. One such initiative has been with the development of responsive website designed to make every effort of browsing easier for the user encouraging them to get more involved with internet and related tools.

The best to understand for any web design is not to just make it responsive but a quality experience. It was near the month of April this year when Google updated their data favouring such use friendly designs popularly known as responsive web designs and include their mobile website layout easy working as preferred ranking tool. It is since this announcement that many companies have literally understood the real advantage of such Mobile friendly website designing and development and have now jumped to maintain their rankings over the huge internet base with the help of this king size app.

Here we try to make you understand a few basic goods and bad for your responsive portal. Before this, just understand the procedure to how a responsive web designing takes place. It is simply done either through an adaptive website created with a number of fixed width layout based on some of the commonly used pocket devices or designing the fluid grid layout which truly ensures its responsive experience for the user. The only thing to be kept in mind in following either of the approaches is their easy to navigate and ease to use participation.
For anything we do, there is always a do's and don'ts list attached. Same is with Mobile responsive web design and development process.

Make sure you don't get the exact copy of your desktop version ready to load under this category. Choose the key elements which mark usefulness of the website and your organization. Just highlight those and leave the rest. Try to talk to-the -point without misleading the customer.
It is most essential to keep up your branding standards throughout. Don't use the generic version while designing the new responsive web. Put in your innovative thinking in designing. Use only those elements which are suitable for smart phone and its user.
Never put the complete content from your conventional site in this small version; instead give a clear layout and direct the customer without making it a hassle. Be precised to your commands and its application.
Using a different layout for both the versions does not mean to incorporate different images as well. This can be confusing for the use to connect and recognize the brand in same way just resize the images to fluid grid using certain CSS codes. Note: don't expand them too much beyond its real pixels.
None is perfect, so don't expect you will be bang on with your style and design. Don't worry. Just learn better and correct your ideas with quality attempts if you fail to crack it down in one go.


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